5 Tier GreenStalk Original Vertical Planter

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Made in the USA + Family Owned & Operated  

Make gardening accessible and enjoyable with our patented five-tier vertical planter proudly made in East Tennessee. Tall and proud, this vertical garden planter is perfect for growing a wide variety of small and large plants including vegetables, herbs, flowers, root crops, and more. See how it works and experience the joy of containerized gardening for yourself! 

5-Tier GreenStalk Original Vertical Planter at a glance: 

  • 30 total planting pockets each with a 10” depth
  • Made from high-quality, food-grade, UV-resistant, BPA, BPS & PVC-free plastic
  • 5-year warranty on color and functionality of planter
  • 19” wide x 55” tall and holds about 40 gallons of potting mix (sold separately)

What’s included: 

  • 5 Original Planters each with 6 planting pockets
  • 1 top water reservoir for easier watering 
  • 4 watering disks to easily distribute water
  • Easy-to-follow instructions 

Sold separately: GreenStalk Bases and GreenStalk Plant Support

Warranty Information

GreenStalks are guaranteed not to crack or fade for 5 years even if you use them outside year round.

Additional Details

Assembled Size:
19.00 W × 55.00 H × 19.00 L

73 Reviews

  • 5
    5 original tier

    Published by Ashy Stone on Jun 8th 2023

    I am surrounded by woods so my growing space is very limited. I have 14 originals, & 4 leafs that I have built up over the past few years. This has maximized my growing space and allowed me to grow way more that traditional gardening would have allowed. From peppers, tomatoes, flowers, greens, beans, squash, etc it has handled it well. I tell everyone about these bc that's how much I love them! Also the customer service, & shipping can't be beat. This is an amazing company!

  • 5
    5 Tier GreenStalk Original Vertical Planter

    Published by K. Valdez on Jun 5th 2023

    I stumbled upon the EPIC gardening YouTube channel last year, which enlightened me about small-space gardening. I was initially torn between purchasing wooden beds or a GreenStalk. However, due to frequent rains in my area, I confidently opted for the GreenStalk. As a beginner gardener, I wanted to avoid clearing any land and risk not having a successful growing season. With a vertical planter, there was minimal setup required on my part. I now have many plants growing vertically, and the planter comes with basic instructions regarding the recommended seeds per pocket, so I didn't have to worry about spacing. I'm genuinely thrilled with my GreenStalk vertical planter, which helped me grow beautiful plants and withstand strong winds during storms.

  • 5
    Original Greenstalk

    Published by Lorrie on Jun 2nd 2023

    I love this! I've gardened for 40 years and as I age it's harder for me in beds. This is so much easier on my knees and back and no weeds!

  • 5
    Patio Garden

    Published by Regina Wilder on May 29th 2023

    I’ve ordered two of these and they are an investment as well as a game changer in my gardening adventures. I really enjoy using them, i could never seem to keep my plants with enough water this system works well. When i go out of town i water well and them i place 3 gallon jugs of water with a pin hole at the top and bottom to give added water slow release while I’m gone.

  • 5
    5 tier original

    Published by Donna Lemmet on May 16th 2023

    I can’t say enough good things about the Greenstalk vertical planter. It has allowed me to get back to doing what I love. No more weeding or crawling on the ground to plant. Very sturdy and well made. I went from 1 last year to 5 this year. Customer service is top notch. You can’t go wrong with these planters.

  • 5
    Original 5 Tier.

    Published by Arleen Stewart on May 11th 2023

    My daughter purchased the Leaf 5 tier planter and after seeing it I just had to get one. I purchased the Original 5 tier planter and a base to plant my strawberry plants in. After I received my 5 tier planter, I had a little problem seeing into the watering tray on top when watering due to my short height (LOL) so I purchased separately 2 more sections of the Original tiers, a top, a grey watering tray and a base. When it came in a took one of the sections off the 5 tier planter and placed it on the 2 tiers with the extra base and top. Now I have one Original 3 tier planter and one Original 4 tier planter. We also live on the top of a small mountain, so the wind blows here all the time and, so far, we have not had any problems with the planters. I am loving both my 4 tier and 3 tier planters. My strawberries are doing great.

  • 5
    5-Tier Original

    Published by Kevin on May 5th 2023

    After weeks of waiting, I finally filled mine with soil, planted my strawberries, and left the Greenstalk outside. I think it is such a standout here in my location. I followed the instructions and found everything easy to set up. Greenstalk staff were very nice. They gave me some freebies I had not expected, which I'm truly grateful for!! One of my concerns is wind since it can get really strong in my area. Today there were strong gusts but my 5-tier set up didn't budge a bit. As long as the soil is wet, I do not see how this would topple over that easily unless you're facing a hurricane or worse. I believe some people have made an adjustment by only using 4 tiers, which is also an option if really strong winds is a concern in your area. I would probably stay away from the temptation of adding more tiers, instead I'm looking forward to getting a new one with a different color later on!

  • 5
    We love ours

    Published by Labreeska Rogers on Apr 10th 2023

    So I purchased one and it was a bit of a learning experience but we managed to get it going and I ended up purchasing two more the following year we currently have two in operation right now we are about to get the third one back in the game. we are trying pumpkins in them this year.

  • 5
    five tier original

    Published by Unknown on Jan 22nd 2023

    I already knew I loved my Green Stalk planters. But now, WOW! Today my son was running with his dog on a leash through the yard. Before he knew what was happening, the dog was on one side of the Green Stalk and he was on the other with the leash between them. They took out the planter. Each piece was separate on its side. I was afraid to look. I knew it was very heavy with rain-saturated soil. It was unscathed! Top notch!

  • 5

    Published by Christine BOWMAN on Jul 6th 2022

    I have 3 greenstalks and I just ordered 3 more plus a leaf greenstalk for my herbs. I love them!. I don't have a green thumb but with greenstalk I can be. With the 4th of July sale I was able to buy more save more. I am planning on buying 4 more greenstalks in terracotta and alternate the levels with my stone for color. Thank you greenstalk.

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