Individual Leaf Planter

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If you are looking to add an extra tier to an existing set you will also need to purchase a grey watering disk or top water reservoir to complete the additional tier.

MADE IN THE USA - Add an extra tier to your GreenStalk Vertical Garden or divide an existing Vertical Planter into smaller sets! Individual GreenStalk Planters are sold separately so you can mix and match depending on what works for you. These planters are great for add-ons, but if you don't already have a GreenStalk Vertical Planter, it's more cost efficient to order a new GreenStalk than it is to create one from individual tiers.

New! GreenStalk Leaf Planter FAQ’s

What’s the difference between the Original GreenStalk and the GreenStalk Leaf?
The only difference between the two Planters is the height of each tier. The Original is 10” tall and the Leaf is 7” tall. Because the Leaf Planters are shorter, you can stack them higher (up to 7 tiers).

What can you grow in the GreenStalk Leaf?
The Leaf Planter is great for growing smaller plants like leafy greens, root vegetables, strawberries, flowers and herbs. 

Can I use the GreenStalk Mover and Plant Support with the Leaf Planter?
Yes! Our other inventions (GreenStalk Original, Mover and Plant Support) will also work seamlessly with the GreenStalk Leaf. While you can use the Plant Support with the Leaf, we recommend using the Original GreenStalk for plants that require extra support - like tomatoes, squash, peppers, etc. 

How much potting mix will I need to fill the GreenStalk Leaf?
You will need about 6 gallons of lightweight, high quality potting mix per tier (or about 0.8 cubic feet).

How high can you stack the GreenStalk Leaf Planter?
You can stack up to 7 Tiers (for a total of 42 planting pockets). If you are mixing and matching tiers, this is the maximum amount of tiers we recommend:

1 Original + 5 Leaf
2 Original + 4 Leaf
3 Original + 3 Leaf
4 Original + 2 Leaf

For maximum stability, we recommend stacking the Original tiers on the bottom and the Leaf tiers above. For reference, you will need a grey disk and planter for each tier plus a single top water reservoir for each vertical planter as a whole.

Single GreenStalk Leaf Planter (In your choice of color)

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