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For at-home gardeners who want to nurture their love and passion for gardening, this Gardener’s Dream Bundle is tailored to your needs. It features high-quality, innovative containerized gardening products manufactured in East Tennessee. Complete with two of our signature GreenStalk Vertical Planters and your choice of Planter Bases, all that’s left to do is to add soil, seeds, and water!

Our GreenStalk 5-Tier Original Vertical Planter comes with 30 planting pockets with a 10” depth, making it great for planting a variety of small and large plants including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more. With our patented watering system, you’ll have everything you need to confidently grow your vertical garden. Learn more about our Original vertical planter.

Our GreenStalk 7-Tier Leaf Vertical Planter features 42 planting pockets with a 7” depth, allowing you to plant more small plants in the same footprint as the Original. With the same patented watering system, you’ll be able to start growing a variety of leafy greens, root vegetables, herbs, and more. Learn more about our Leaf vertical planter.

Our GreenStalk Mover Base will allow you to easily move and rotate your interlocking vertical planter with minimal effort. When used on a flat surface, it collects water for a limited time so it can be drained whenever and wherever you’d like. Learn more about our GreenStalk Mover. 

Our GreenStalk Ultimate Spinner Base is unique in that it fits any planter with a base diameter of up to 15 inches. It will turn your vertical garden into a rotating planter, ensuring your plants get the best sunlight as it drains any excess water. Learn more about our Ultimate Spinner Base and order the optional Wheel Kit to take it on the move.

What’s included: 

  • 5-Tier Original Planter - 5 Original tiers, 4 watering disks, 1 top water reservoir, Instructions
  • 7-Tier Leaf Planter- 7 Leaf tiers, 6 watering disks, 1 top water reservoir, Instructions

Choice of 2 Planter Bases- GreenStalk Mover, Ultimate Spinner, or Ultimate Spinner with Wheels


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