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These fun plant marker stickers are new for 2023 and are printed on high quality vinyl and are made to withstand all weather conditions. Use a permanent marker to customize these stickers to match what you have planted in your GreenStalk! Sold in a pack of 6.


13 Reviews

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    Mystery Fruit No More!

    Published by Charlotte Emery on Sep 6th 2023

    I am notorious for starting trays and trays of seeds with the intention of going back later and labeling things, because I have a map... I know what I did. Then life gets crazy and I lose the map or my mind. On my 4th year gardening in earnest and I have yet to outsmart myself on this score. So, I got these labels... and they work! I don't lose them or have to come back later to fill them in. Just sow my seed and make sure I have a marker in my pocket. Plus they look so cute on the planters! Really loving these. They've stayed on in the storms and I've even been able to move them around and they still stay put.

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    Blank Plant Marker Stickers

    Published by T Morse on Aug 23rd 2023

    Just like GreenStalk's other products, these stickers are very good quality and they are very cute. They are just as described by GreenStalk. They are large and easy to write on and look very nice on the GreenStalk Vertical Planter. I definitely do prefer these stickers over using tape or sticks to write and mark my plants!

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    Lovely Plant Markers

    Published by Kate Starrett on Aug 19th 2023

    I've had these markers on my GreenStalk for many weeks now and I am impressed with their quality. They are a nice thickness that makes them easy to peel off and reattach if they need readjusting. Even after being in very hot weather and direct sun the markers peel off easily and don't leave any sticky residue. They are very easy to write on, just make sure to let the ink dry a moment before attaching to the planter or the writing will smudge. I plant one type of veggies in each tier and use the labels to determine when the GreenStalk has been rotated 180 degrees each day. These are a nice alternative to traditional plant markers.

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    Plant Marker Stickers

    Published by J M on Jul 26th 2023

    I really like these stickers. They don't feel flimsy and stick well to the planters. They can be a bit tricky to remove from the backing if you keep your nails short though. I haven't had any problems with them peeling and they have been on my greenstalks for over a month and a half. I am curious to see how removal goes after being in the sun all summer. I like that they are decorative as well as useful. I greatly appreciate the size of these. They are large enough to write the variety instead of just "tomato" or "pepper" and there is still plenty of room to add other information if needed. I would like for them to come in larger packs, maybe an "original" size pack and a "leaf" size pack could be an option in the future.

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    Published by Tanya on Jul 15th 2023

    These are cute, but personally I would find them more useful if they were erasable or reusable somehow. Like someone else said, I find them handy for keeping track of when I've spun the stalks around, so all sides get equal sun.

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    Blank Planter Stickers

    Published by Michelle on Jul 1st 2023

    I love these stickers for my Greenstalk pockets! They not only label each pocket, but they are large enough to write the date planted and the projected days to harvest!

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    Blank Plant Marker Sticker

    Published by Kim Edgeman on Jun 29th 2023

    These stickers hold up well on the side of the planters. They are large enough so you can see them when your plants decide to grow big and wild. The white color stands out making them easy to see. The stickers work much better than me writing with a sharpie. Because eventually, even the sharpie will fade.

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    Nice Stickers

    Published by KATIE EISEMAN on Jun 28th 2023

    These are very cute on as well as handy. You don't have to worry about your label stick falling out or getting lost. They look nicer than tape or even my label maker. If I were to change anything it would be to have larger bundles of them.

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    Blank Plant Marker Sticker

    Published by Elizabeth on Jun 26th 2023

    Have used all sort of masking tapes and other sticker, they leave a sticky mess behind. This has been an awesome addition to my greenstalk and my memory of what was planted.

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    Super Cute!!

    Published by Kym on Jun 25th 2023

    I wish you could see how cute these are once installed! They’re a great size to write on and to be able to read once on the GreenStalk! You may think you don’t need these because you have markers you stick in the soil…but you usually cannot read those without removing them and with larger plants even that may be challenging! If you spin your GreenStalk the markers are also an easy way to identify where you need to stop when turning! The labels hold up well once applied, are easy to install and are so super useful!! The only thing I didn’t like? Not having a pack of 30!!

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