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MADE IN USA - We are thrilled to introduce our newest vertical planter since the GreenStalk Original debuted in 2014. Our family has been busy making the shallow version of the GreenStalk Original so that more leafy greens, root vegetables, and herbs can be grown in the same footprint as the Original!

  • Perfect for smaller plants and root vegetables
  • GreenStalk Leaf tiers are each 7” deep (Original tiers are 10” deep)
  • Includes 42 planting pockets
  • Holds 5.5 cubic feet (about 42 gallons) of potting mix
  • Assembled planter measures 19” wide x 56” tall (nearly identical in height to a 5 Tier Original)

The GreenStalk Leaf comes with the same patented watering system as the Original GreenStalk. Simply fill the top water reservoir to water all the tiers below at the same time. Water from daily to once every couple of weeks depending on what you plant and time of year.

Just like the GreenStalk Original Vertical Planter, the GreenStalk Leaf is made in East Tennessee with high quality, food-grade, UV-resistant, BPA, BPS & PVC-free plastic. It comes with a 5 year warranty on both the color and functionality of the planter.

You can mix and match the GreenStalk Leaf with the Original to create a GreenStalk that is unique to your garden!


7 Leaf Planters Each With 6 Planting Pockets
6 Grey Watering Disks
1 Top Water Reservoir

New! GreenStalk Leaf Planter FAQ’s
What’s the difference between the Original GreenStalk and the GreenStalk Leaf?
The only difference between the two Planters is the height of each tier. The Original is 10” tall and the Leaf is 7” tall. Because the Leaf Planters are shorter, you can stack them higher (up to 7 tiers).
What can you grow in the GreenStalk Leaf?
The Leaf Planter is great for growing smaller plants like leafy greens, root vegetables, strawberries, flowers and herbs. 
Can I use the GreenStalk Mover and Plant Support with the Leaf Planter?
Yes! Our other inventions (GreenStalk Original, Mover and Plant Support) will also work seamlessly with the GreenStalk Leaf. While you can use the Plant Support with the Leaf, we recommend using the Original GreenStalk for plants that require extra support - like tomatoes, squash, peppers, etc. 
How much potting mix will I need to fill the GreenStalk Leaf?
You will need about 6 gallons of lightweight, high quality potting mix per tier (or about 0.8 cubic feet).
How high can you stack the GreenStalk Leaf Planter?
You can stack up to 7 Tiers (for a total of 42 planting pockets). If you are mixing and matching tiers, this is the maximum amount of tiers we recommend:
1 Original + 5 Leaf
2 Original + 4 Leaf
3 Original + 3 Leaf
4 Original + 2 Leaf
For maximum stability, we recommend stacking the Original tiers on the bottom and the Leaf tiers above.

Warranty Information

GreenStalks are guaranteed not to crack or fade for 5 years even if you use them outside year round.

9 Reviews

  • 5
    Original Greenstalk

    Published by Kate S on Jul 9th 2022

    After seeing many You Tube gardeners use and recommend the Greenstalk, I decided to give it a try. I have been very pleased with a multitude of different lettuce varieties, Swiss chard, peppers, and a variety of herbs. My use of the Greenstalk is in addition to roughly 100 square feet of raised beds. I was so pleased with the product that I purchased an additional 5-tier original and a 7-tier Leaf during the Independence Weekend sale and they arrived today! I made a trip to my local nursery for bags of FoxFarm potting soil and can’t wait to get everything all set up and planted tomorrow!! I am planning on adding more root veggies (especially Golden Beets), more lettuce, more chard, and some bush green beans. I have found the watering works as promised and it has been easy to add liquid fertilizer periodically when I water. Thank you for the excellent customer service and a quality product that does what it promises to do (save space and evenly water all tiers)!!

  • 5
    7 tier leaf and 5 tier original

    Published by Dana S. on Sep 4th 2021

    I like supporting small businesses that show they truly care about their customers. Excellent service and a Quality product! Easy to assemble and plant. Looking forward to using this for many years.

  • 5

    Published by Erin on Aug 14th 2021

    So glad I got this for my strawberries. Hope to get another one for strawberries and another for greens!

  • 5
    GreenStalk garden

    Published by Julie Perry on Aug 14th 2021

    My GreenStalk arrived a few weeks ago. It was very easy to plant and assemble. The herbs, flowers and vegetables are THRIVING. I am so excited! Watering it has been easy too.

  • 5
    Leaf 7-tier

    Published by Amber Kutish on Aug 13th 2021

    I got the leaf 7 and it’s amazing! It’s so easy to use and the instructions are simple. They even have links to everything they send with it that you can access on their site. That way when your kids inevitably run off with them, you can still get what you need. Now I just need to figure out how to keep my chickens out of the bottom row.

  • 5
    I absolutely love my two Greenstalks. Everything I’ve tried to grow in them does fantastic. I highly recommend them, i even bought one for my daughter:.

    Published by Dixie Kovach on Jul 15th 2021

    Best planter ever. Takes up little space and everything I’ve planted grows great in it.

  • 5
    Excellent Vertical Container!

    Published by Kelly Damery on Apr 8th 2021

    Being part of the Instagram garden community I was lucky enough to see how other gardeners plant perennials they don’t dedicated ground/bed space to, and I couldn’t wait to get my Greenstalk Vertical 7 tier stack for my everbearing strawberries. I planted my bare roots immediately after getting my tower and so far it’s held up through 2 central Illinois wind/rain storms. Can’t wait to see berries start growing!

  • 5
    5 T leaf

    Published by Andi on Apr 8th 2021

    Awesome, I love this. Super easy to ser up. Love the easy watering. Telling everyone to invest in one.

  • 5
    Great product, great service!

    Published by Holly on Feb 14th 2021

    I absolutely love my new Leaf planter. I'm growing strawberries in it this year, and chose the darkest color in hopes of getting the soil to warm a little earlier in the season. There was a mistake made in my initial order, and customer service was fast and friendly and very helpful. So excited to get growing!

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