Ultimate GreenStalk Gardener Bundle

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Available in the U.S. Only - Just add potting mix! The Ultimate GreenStalk Gardener Bundle includes:

  • 5 Tier GreenStalk Vertical Planter
  • GreenStalk Mover 
  • Choice of Frost Net Cover, Bird Net Cover or Insect Net Cover
  • Organic Herb Tower Seeds
  • FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the U.S.
  • 4 oz. Sample of Tomato + Veg Natural Fertilizer

GreenStalk is a vertical garden made completely in East Tennessee from high quality, food grade, UV-resistant, BPA, BPS and PVC-free plastic. GreenStalk easily grows a wide variety of vegetables, strawberries, herbs and flowers. For ideas on what to grow, check out our blog

Each tier has 12 drainage holes so excess water can drain out. 

To water the entire system, simply fill the top reservoir with water to the 5 tier mark. Water will then go through the center funneling system to bring water to each plant at the same time - making watering a breeze!



Tomato & Veg Natural Fertilizer Sample

5 Tier GreenStalk Vertical Planter - 5 planters, 4 watering disks, 1 top water reservoir, instructions

GreenStalk Mover - Mover Base, 3 locking wheels, 3 non-locking wheels, drain tube, cap, instructions

Frost Net Cover OR Bird Net Cover OR Insect Net Cover

Organic Herb Tower Seeds:

  • Heirloom Italian Dark Green Flat Parsley - 694 seeds
  • *Heirloom Lemon Balm - 268 seeds
  • Dolce Vita Blend Basil (includes Cinnamon Basil, Genovese Basil, Tall Lemon Basil, Lime Basil, Large Leaf Basil, and Purple Petra Basil) - 480 seeds
  • *Heirloom English Thyme - 1,400 seeds
  • Heirloom Long Standing Cilantro - 185 seeds
  • Heirloom Bouquet Dill - 1,560 seeds
  • *Heirloom Common Chives - 350 seeds
  • Plus! A hand seed sower to make sowing small seeds easier

All seeds are organic, non-gmo, and untreated. Heirloom varieties are marked. All will thrive in a sunny spot, but most (with the exception of dill) can be grown in part shade. Each seed packet includes planting information, germination rates, light requirements and harvest tips. Herbs marked with * are perennial. Perennial herbs can over-winter in the GreenStalk Vertical Planter. 

Warranty Information

GreenStalks are guaranteed not to crack or fade for 5 years even if you use them outside year round.

Additional Details

Assembled Size:
19.00 W × 55.00 H × 19.00 L


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