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Add an extra tier to your GreenStalk Vertical Garden or divide an existing 5 Tier Vertical Planter into smaller sets! Individual GreenStalk Planters are sold separately so you can mix and match depending on what works for you. 


If you are looking to add an extra tier to an existing set you will also need to purchase a grey watering disk or top water reservoir to complete the additional tier. 


These planters are great for add-ons, but if you don't already have a GreenStalk Vertical Planter, it's more cost efficient to order a new GreenStalk than it is to create one from individual tiers.

For reference, each planter is 19" at the widest diameter and 16" at the smallest (the bottom tapers in for easy stacking). The planter is 11" deep and requires 1 cubic foot of potting mix. Every planter we make is the exact same size so you can add planter with any existing GreenStalk Vertical Garden. 



Planter in the color of your choice, Instructions


For reference, a full GreenStalk Vertical Planter comes with:

3 Tier GreenStalk - 3 planters, 2 grey watering disks, 1 top water reservoir

4 Tier GreenStalk - 4 planters, 3 grey watering disks, 1 top water reservoir 

5 Tier GreenStalk - 5 planters, 4 grey watering disks, 1 top water reservoir

Warranty Information

GreenStalks are guaranteed not to crack or fade for 5 years even if you use them outside year round.

Additional Details

Planter Size:
19.00 W × 11.00 H × 19.00 L

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